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Kenneth Cole Productions got its big break in 1982 in the heart of Manhattan. Cole needed a brilliant campaign for his young shoe company in order to catch the attention of the crowds gathered at a downtown shoe expo. His hopes were crushed when he couldn't get a parking permit for his truck, because the city would only issue them to utility trucks and film production trucks. Within three short days, though, all eyes were on Cole and his shoe company as he was surrounded by lights, cameras, and beautiful women. Crowds lined up to buy a pair of shoes in front of the big truck with the words "Kenneth Cole Productions" written on the side. "The Birth of a Shoe Company" would never make it to theaters, but Kenneth Cole Productions would go on to lead the market in shoe manufacturing for years to come. Kenneth Cole has put the same level of inspiration in each of the watches featured in this collection of Kenneth Cole timepieces.

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  • All major styles and collections, including Kenneth Cole Bracelet Collection, Chronograph, Design Collection, Dress Collection, Ladies' Collection, Square Collection and the Strap Collection.
  • Most models available, including the Kenneth Cole KC1011, KC1112, KC1132, KC1133, KC1137, KC1138, KC1140, KC1153, KC1170, KC1175, KC2056, KC2123, KC2125, KC2126, KC2128, KC2134, KC3050, KC3062, KC3063, KC3078, KC3173, KC3179, KC3183, KC3199, KC3202, KC3203, KC3204, KC3205, KC3213, KC3214, KC3215, KC3216, KC3227, KC3229, KC3233, KC3235, KC3236, KC3238, KC3239, KC3243, KC3246, KC3256, KC3257, KC3260, KC3263, KC3274, KC3282, KC3285, KC3286, KC3287, KC3288, KC3297, KC3313, KC3320, KC3325, KC3327, KC3328, KC3329, KC4019, KC4062, KC4063, KC4138, KC4144, KC4148, KC4173, KC4185, KC4187, KC4219, KC4220, KC4221, KC4222, KC4252, KC4258, KC4276, KC4302, KC4303, KC4307, KC4309, KC4313, KCC1019, KCC3004, KCC3004G, KCC3033, KCC3103, KCC4004G and the Kenneth Cole KCF4031.
  • Kenneth Cole warranties you, the owner, for your lifetime against all defects in material or workmanship.
  • Men's watches, ladies watches and more!
  • 2nd day standard shipping by FedEx. Worlwide shipping available.

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Discount Kenneth Cole Watches

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