Dog Computer Topper

from WhatOnEarth

Dog Computer Topper

These playful dog toppers are too cute to resist. Attach them securely to any 90 degree angle, be it a monitor, bookshelf or window frame. Each dog computer topper is carefully crafted of durable resin and hand-painted in the appropriate pooch pigmentation. Sit! on the corner. Stay! Good Dog!

Each topper is approximately 6"L x 4 1/4"H x 1"D. Dog toppers available: the Labrador computer topper, Black Dachshund computer topper, Dalmation computer topper, Rottweiler computer topper, Beagle computer topper, German Shepherd computer topper, Golden Retriever computer topper, Westie computer topper, Red Dachshund computer topper and the Yorkie computer topper.

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